Elite Tattoo Removal

What is laser tattoo removal ?

Laser tattoo removal is the go to method of removing or fading unwanted tattoos. The success of the treatment depends on the type of tattoo , the ink used and very importantly the equipment used to treat it. Our laser is a very high end piece of equipment and one of the best in the world in its field. It utilises 4 different wavelengths which targets full colour range of inks including the notorious difficult to treat Green and light Blue inks. This coupled with its extreme power means it can remove the vast majority of tattoo more quickly and efficiently than other laser systems. Our laser also has in built safety features meaning safe, quick and effective treatment is guaranteed.

How does it work ?

Our laser fires rapid bursts of high energy pulses using the optimum wavelength to absorb that particular colour of tattoo ink. The absorption of energy by the ink pigment causes the ink (chromophore) to break up. The remnants of these chromophores are subsequently removed by the body’s natural defence mechanism. The greater the absorption of the laser energy, the faster the pigment will break down. This means that since dark colours absorb more energy than lighter colours, they are cleared at a faster rate. Lighter colours like yellow, light green and light blue potentially take longer. Very importantly these particular colours need specific wavelengths to even be attempted which a lot of equipment being used out there just simply an not achieve.

What to expect ?

Tattoo removal is a sequential process and there may appear little difference in its appearance after the first session but over the coming weeks the fading process will be under way. This is better compared through photos taken at each treatment and compared. We use cryo systems to cool the skin pre treatment which aids healing and discomfort but you can also use a numbing cream or gel prior to treatment if you wish but needs to be applied around 1 hour before attending your appointment.

How long does tattoo removal take ?

– Standard treatment sessions are carried out 6-8 weeks apart.

– The duration of treatment depends on the size of the tattoo to be treated and the client themselves.

– The number of treatments depends on the individual, ink used, colours in the tattoo and speed in which the immune system responds to the ink flushing process.

Our Guaranteed Removal package

Here at New Look Laser Treatment we use some of the best equipment in the world and have vast experience. We are so confident in our abilities that we can offer our clients guarantees with our treatment. We offer a guaranteed removal package which is determined under a free consultation where we will set a number of sessions in which the tattoo will be removed by, if it wasn’t removed in the set number of session we have set then all following treatment is done completely free of charge. Consultation needs to be done in clinic to determine suitability, skin type and tattoo type etc before we can offer this option. For any more info feel free to contact us.

Our R20 technique

This technique allows sequential tattoo treatments to be performed in a single clinic session. Normally a tattoo removal treatment is performed at around 6-8 week intervals, with multiple treatments needed to remove the tattoo ink. Our R20 technique relies on the release of gas that forms under the skins surface, visible as white coloured effecting over the tattoo. We remove this gas and then this allows us to treat the tattoo up to 4 times in one clinic appointment so you imagine how much time this could save rather than having one treatment every 6-8 weeks.

Our Micro Channelling Tattoo Removal Procedures

We use a technique which creates a number of very small channels into the skin which allows for easier access and greater clearance of tattoo ink. We use our scanner which scans areas of the tattoo in succession whilst in effect drilling tiny holes into the skin along the way allowing us to utilise the extreme power of our laser to eradicate ink particles at a much faster rate. This in our opinion is an excellent way or gaining quicker removal and clearance of tattoo ink. This process performs better than any other for removing tattoo ink, research has proven it’s simply the gold standard!!

Double Max Exclusive Technique

This procedure is the next level up from our Micro channel procedure. With Double Max your unwanted tattoo ink will firstly be treated by our laser, we then perform the entry of micro channels into the skin down to the ink and we then perform your second laser treatment which is the end point of your Double Max procedure.

Triple Max and Quad Max Exclusive Techniques

Basically as per our Double Max technique but instead of receiving the Double laser treatments you would receive either the Triple Max  ( 3 ) or our flagship procedure, the Quad Max  ( 4 ) which is 4 laser treatments plus Micro Channel procedures in one clinic appointment!!

This is Platinum standard procedure in Tattoo Removal treatment

There is really no better way to clear unwanted ink !!

These techniques and procedures are performed in select Professional clinics across the globe using very specialist equipment and expertise. These are the ultimate in ink removal treatments and they are the fastest way possible of safely removing ink.

For more info, pricing or to book an appointment please call 01914544641, visit our facebook page New Look Laser Treatment or via the contact us on website.

Very Important Information

There are many machines out there claiming to be able to perform tattoo removal. This sadly is not the case as some of the lasers being used are cheap small imported table top style or even cheap imported free standing equipment. In our opinion and experience these cannot be compared with full size professional equipment and simply cannot perform at anywhere near the level professional equipment does. To be able to remove tattoo ink safely and professionally this in our opinion needs to be performed in a professional clinic using professional standard equipment. Professional equipment has way more than enough power at its disposal to remove even the deepest lying pigment safely without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue, and is not mobile. Our exclusive laser for example has multiple wavelengths at its disposal which means it has the correct wavelengths for the specific coloured ink to absorb, most other equipment does not and its impossible to remove ink for example light blue, green, yellow, orange, purple… with equipment unable to produce the correct wavelengths. If you have a coloured ink tattoo for example you need to be sure the machine can remove coloured ink. For example, darker inks like black requires a specific wavelength, red ink requires its own specific wavelength, green ink requires its own specific wavelength, light blue ink needs its own specific wavelength and so on, if a machine doesn’t have the ability to produce these specific wavelengths then these coloured inks will simply not absorb the energy at all needed to break it up therefore rendering treatment useless. Most equipment offer only 2 different wavelengths where our equipment produces 4 wavelengths. More money and time will be wasted and spent attempting treatment with cheap equipment whilst also risking permanent skin damage in the process.