Skin Tag and Lesion Removal

Skin tags and lesions 


At New Look Laser Clinic we use various laser systems depending on the issue being treated. In the case of skin tags we use a specialist Erbium Laser. This particular laser source uses water in the skin as the chromophore to remove layers of unwanted skin lesions and or tags such as acne scars, moles, skin cancer, sun damaged, wrinkles and so on… whilst also promoting the skin cell renewal safely and effectively.


What is the Procedure?

The average appointment time is 15-60 minutes depending on the amount of skin tags or lesions to remove. Upon arrival to the clinic, if requested so a topical anaesthetic can be applied to the treatment area with a wait time of 30-45 mins then being required. We then commence the procedure where the laser is used for removal, then a healing ointment is applied over the treated area.


What is the Recovery period ?

This dependson the amount, depth and condition of area or areas treated. Clients are then advised to hydrate the skin with a healing ointment, apply sun protection cream, avoid strong sunlight exposure and maintain regular cleansing during the healing process. Post treatment patients can expect minimal scabbing, some redness, irritation and or itching. Healing times will vary between 1 day to 1 week depending on the individual age and skin typing.

What about the Results?

A majority of cases have the issue or problem area greatly improved or completely resolved. In some cases a follow up treatment could be required to aid further improvement, each session will promote new skin.  The removal of moles and some other types of lesion will take at least a few weeks healing time, however because our procedure only heats the skin to a very minor level it is excellent for removing superficial lesions without damaging surrounding skin tissue.