Skin Rejuvenation

New developments in laser technology are now delivering a longer lasting, controlled, precise and scientifically proven method of restoring the natural beauty of the skin. Fotona’s revolutionary TwinLight® Fractional Rejuvenation method introduces laser light into the skin to target only the imperfections, leaving the surrounding cells untouched. With both ablative and non ablative methods available, we are able to treat a wide range of skin conditions and concerns.

Skin rejuvenation is perfect for use on the face and body. It is particularly popular on peri-oral (mouth) and Peri-Ocular (eyes) and decolletage regions.

Step 1: Conditioning – An Nd:YAG beam is passed along the surface twice. The first pass provides a short stimulus to the skin, the second pass penetrates the tissue.

Step 2: Fractitional Therapy – Old, worn-out skin is ablated away by a fractional Er:YAG laser. The precise micro-ablated channels will be replaced with new, tighter and healthy tissue as new skin forms.

Step 3: Laser Peel – The skin is ablated with a light full Er:YAG beam, which finishes the treatment and removes superficial imperfections.

Through strenuous research and trials we are determined to provide our clients with the best treatments available within the industry, as our clients deserve only the best. There is simply no reason to be suffering in silence with affordable treatment options available.

Benefits of this treatment

  • Smoother skin
  • Skin tightening
  • Collagen stimulation and regeneration
  • Anti-ageing
  • Used on all areas of the face and body
  • FDA and CE approved treatment