Exclusive Skin Restoration Program



Here at New Look we really care about our clients needs, also how they feel can about their skin and the insecurities arising from specific skin issues they may have. Lets say for example they have an issue with sun damaged pigmentation and acne scarring or facial redness and acne prone skin ….. there are many combinations that someone can have issue with and this can mean they need different procedures for the various combined conditions.

This is where our Hydra-Beam Skin Restoration Plan really delivers for the client. Upon consultation we assess the skin identifying the various issues causing the insecurity and commence putting together a 6 or 12 month skin restoration treatment plan. Within the treatment plan period chosen, we start with one of our specialist procedures and then tailor the following visits to your skin needs as the skin cell renewal is underway. Clients get one visit each month for either 6 or 12 months and this could mean having a specialist full deep pigmentation procedure on one visit….. then a laser skin polish, a Hydrafacial procedure, a full Frac 3 skin rejuvenation, facial redness procedure, a wrinkle treatment, an eye lifting procedure, an acne treatment or a facial skin tightening treatment. Conditions can also crop up unexpectedly along the way in which we can then adjust accordingly to the problem on that visit. We could do a procedure on two visits in a row if it was to benefit a stubborn condition or target a requested area or issue to the client. 

The plan offers complete piece of mind in knowing that every month you will pay the exact same amount no matter which procedure you have performed. Furthermore each time you visit you could receive a procedure that could have cost more than double your monthly payment outside of your Skin Restoration plan period. 

Its also super simple to commence your new skin repair program, a deposit of £250 and a zero interest monthly payment of only £100 gets your place on the program. No credit searches, its available to everyone. Remember you can have a different procedure each month or duplicate if requested, your payment never changes ! 



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