Acne Treatment

What is laser treatment for active acne?

Acne occurs when natural oil-secreting glands in the skin become clogged up, inflamed and infected by bacteria. This typically occurs in teenage years and can effect around 90% of teenagers in the UK as hormonal changes associated with puberty affect the constituency of the sebum that the glands produce.

Acne however is not just an issue in teenagers, both men and women can suffer from this at various stages of their lives due to hormonal changes. The most common areas for outbreaks are the face, chest, back and shoulders.

How does laser treat acne ?

Once pores have become blocked they are colonised by anaerobic bacteria ( type that thrive in oxygen free environment ) and it is the interaction between the laser and the bacteria which destroys the oxygen free environment and therefore kills the bacteria. Laser also reduces the release of histamines which contribute to the intense red inflamed look that the spots of many acne patients have.

The procedure

Although it is true to say that laser is light years ahead of any other acne treatments, it is also very important to maintain good care of the skin both before an after treatment with adequate skin care regime.

Requirements for successful treatment

Once the bacteria is destroyed within the acne breakout the skin will clear up to its normal appearance.

  • A good skin care routine should be practiced.
  • Always avoid squeezing or picking acne spots etc.

Treatments will be scheduled 1 week apart and usually requires 4 or or more treatments depending on the severity of the acne.